Today's core team

 Renaud "Yorick" Vince

Founder & CEO

Yorick has been designing Graphic User Interfaces for 26 years and has a passion for balancing user experience and software design. He spends a great deal of time answering the hotline in order to learn our users' needs. Yorick was joined in this adventure by long term colleagues and experts in server infrastructure and software development. He loves photography and is also a qualified Thai massage instructor, seeing massage as both a therapy and meditation practice. 

-Yorick's CrunchBase profile.

David "Dave" Tourrel

Technical Director  
Dave has spent over 20 years developing software, managing computer systems and promoting open source. At SimpleDifferent he's in charge of both the conception and development of the software and is the first source of technical council to other members of the team. Dave loves living in Thailand where he plays saxophone, drinks beer with friends and plans to go diving again.
-Dave's LinkedIn Profile

Jintana "Ning" Jaijing

Our Administrative Officer 

Ning was here since the very beginning, doing the accounts, filing the taxes, helping us get the BOI status, visas and work permits,... but just as importantly, Ning kept us all happy during the difficult times. When she isn't single-handedly holding the company together, she likes knitting and embroidery. She's also a respected massage therapist.

Chaiyut "Yut" Praditthong-nga

iOS App Developer, Server Administrator

Yut has become an essential member of the family. His inquisitive mind, soft manner and sheer good-heartedness, combined with his concern for user experience, have become one of SimpleDifferent's pillars. Yut likes trying out new things in linux, testing new apps, watching movies, playing guitar and drinking coffee.

Phuchit "Berm" Kanjanakhan

Android Developer

Berm joined SimpleDifferent in 2014. He came here, deeply motivated to improve the first website builder on Android. He shown to be both very sharp and cool to be with. Thanks to Berm, the Android version of SimDif became richer and more reliable for a growing number of users.

His main passion out of work is to respond to the endless curiosity of his son.

Stéphane Aubry

User Experience & Support

Stéphane joined SimpleDifferent in 2014. Like most members of the team, he is a man of many talents. He's been working in IT for 15 years, but he is also responsible for the japanese translation and the coordinations of the work of the other translators. Actually, Stéphane is very close to the user's needs, he answers the hotline and contributes effectively to the conception of the future of SimDif... When he is not playing badminton and learning Thai traditional music.

Paul Sugars


Paul joined SimpleDifferent in 2013 to work on spreading the new and little known idea of a multi-platform website builder for beginners to website making. He has also been a freelance web designer, restaurateur and furniture maker, so has gotten used having to communicate different ideas. To save himself from the tyranny of language he spends his free time playing music.