Present at the birth of SimpleDifferent

Pierre Wittman

Co-founder and main business angel
Without Pierre, SimpleDifferent could never have existed. Pierre financed the first months, and again later, sustained the difficult times, and still rouses support today. Pierre is an indispensable pillar of what makes SimpleDifferent available to you. He's invested his money, his time and his wise council in all of SimpleDifferent's important decisions.

Michaël Thévenet

Creative Partner

Michaël is a shareholder and a valued creative partner. He helped create the language and fix the tone of voice of our interface and guides. He has been an essential key in analyzing and modelling our business activity. Though he remains a respected IT consultant and a dedicated webmaster, these days he prefers to develop his passion for permaculture.

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  Eric "Jack" Julien

Expert in servers and virtualization

Eric is a highly respected consultant in server virtualization. He took charge of the conception of our servers at the very beginning of SimpleDifferent and still watches over our infrastucture today, collaborating closely with Dave and Yut.

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